I have lived in Ipswich all my life and like a variation of different music, not as much as I love a good fuzzy broadcast!

I started off with my own ICR show Saturday mornings at 10am and have appeared on shows across the station including The Journey Show with TC Brown, as well as some covering breakfast and late night shows!

I have made guest appearances on other shows too, including ICR’s Christmas Special on Christmas Day with the Danster.

The folks at ICR welcomed me with open arms and widened my knowledge into the wonderful world that is of course music and more importantly, radio! They were a great starting point!
My 2018 journey has started on a high with my Felixstowe debut! Ryan, Stu and Darren have invited me in with welcoming arms and I am now on Felixstowe Radio every Saturday from 10pm. Let’s not forget a massive thanks to the station manager, Julie!
I left ICR FM in 2018 and made a big move to Felixstowe Radio, the team at Felixstowe share my passion for popular pop music and the stations commercial-like style is the exact challenge I wanted to take on next in a town where local radio dependency is much more important to the community itself. I’m on air on Felixstowe Radio 10pm until Midnight, a bit of a late shift, but loads of fun!

I have also worked with the team at Anglian Radio, working with their fast-paced news team, working with Dream 100 and even sneaking on air on Town 102!

I owe my radio career to date to the following people in the following order:
– Paul Morris
– Nick Kabay
– TC Brown
– Dan Page
– Andy Trigg
– Nick Pandolfi
– Kevin Ford
and not forgetting…. – “Murph” 🙂

Check this website out as well as my Twitter @danmooreradio to hear what I have been up to!

So that’s my story! Brace yourself, it’s going to be an adventure!