I hope you’re sitting comfortably, hmmm… where to begin…
Firstly, I’m Daniel Moore, but many of you may know me as Jimmy, thank you for visiting my website, I’m grateful to have you here! You may be here because you’ve heard I’m good with tech? Maybe you’ve heard me on your radio and thought you’d Google me? Or maybe you’ve met me before and wanted to read me describing myself, either way, I’m thankful you’ve taken the time to do so, it means so much.

So, lets start at the beginning of my story, since leaving school, I was passionate about a couple of things, gizmos, gadgets, tech, IT & radio; technically, radio classes at tech, but I realise in the present day, it is so, so much more than that, I’ll explain all…
You see, growing up in the Ipswich estate of Chantry and being privileged in the IT academic, I started my working life in a little ink shop making printers magic, I never went to college or University, sure, I was eligible, but between you and me reader, I think my teachers did a good enough job (don’t tell them I said that, they’ll blush!), I never felt the need to go into further education, I didn’t believe in it, so I never went in that direction, I was ready to face this world head on! …or at least, felt ready 😉

I had overcome some difficult things in my school and work life, things considered “normal” in the present day, things which were a true challenge for me, simple things like networking with people, answering and using a telephone, you see, back in 2012, I was useless at this stuff! But you see, I am very fortunate, as I was surrounded by people who would not give up on me and I was determined not to give up on them and look at me now! I use this experience in everyday life and I share my knowhow with others; – I’ll get to that part in a bit…
Whilst tea-runs, chip shop runs and whacky printer faults were a great start, it wasn’t something that was going to last forever, whilst I was there, I did some IT work too (but now for legal reasons, I am not allowed to tell you any more about this, the reason why was in the news, I have to leave it there and leave no further comments).
So leaving The Cartridge Refill Centre, I found myself a little stuck for a short period of time, I had no job! I went out seeking a job but back in 2013, it wasn’t an easy thing to do, hey, still isn’t! But I was determined not to give up hope!- So I didn’t! Shortly after, to my surprise, some fantastic people I have met at my time working in printer cartridges (people who took a chance on an IT Rookie for a bit of support) suddenly started to get in touch with me, directly, just for a bit of help! Now whilst in 2018 we have GDPR, back then we didn’t, my mobile number was no secret back then! I then found myself doing some part time work for Suffolk Sailing, a great little company making the water a safe place to be! They had a buyout soon after where the new owner and I made a few agreements and I started doing part-time database administration, the business was then renamed to Suffolk Marine Safety. After database administration, I moved on to lifejacket servicing! Now, this is not my thing, I am clueless in this area but Marc at Suffolk Marine Safety is an absolute gem! That was a great opportunity for me.
After my time here, I went to work in my first web development role, this was short lived as the company folded (again, I’m not allowed to tell you what happened for legal reasons), but I can say that this company were not exactly the best bunch to be working for…

After this, I got an opportunity to work for a company offering national and international IT support to the hospitality industry, hotels, restaurants and spas! This was my biggest and most rewarding challenge, a job in the fast lane talking with new people every day and I loved it! I never thought I would have loved a phone-based job! I had a good run here, learnt so much (shout out to Aaron, taught me everything I know!) and I also had the opportunity to mentor new engineers here, young enthusiasts, like myself who were seeking their shot in the industry, I was so proud to have been a part of helping them achieve their goals and I’m pleased to say that they are doing very well in the present day, I mean, it doesn’t get better than that, right?
Onto where I went next… 2014, I finally had the courage to start getting my foot in the door to an industry I felt most passionate for, radio! I had written to them all, got a few responses, but one stands out in my memory for giving me the biggest shot of them all, Paul Morris. This man is a Suffolk broadcast legend and gave me some sound advice. I know he won’t appreciate telling me which radio brand he worked for at the time but long story short, he told me to try ICR FM. Now, I’ve heard of ICR, that’s the ‘alternative’ station for Ipswich, I always thought it a bit strange to listen to but getting to know the station, I have so much respect for everything they do and everyone there! I learnt all I know about broadcast tech from Gerry G! A jazz man with a lot of knowhow for the ‘wireless’, the mans an absolute magician!
The tale of ICR is a sad story with a happy ending, you see, I was called to step in after an IT disaster. I’m not allowed to comment on what happened and even if I was, I couldn’t actually tell you! Whilst a few rumours went around at the time that I had a part to play in a “significant event” it is simply untrue, I just want to set that record straight right now! All that happened was, I got a call from the station manager one night, was asked to fix something so I fixed a box when I got asked too and it is by sheer pixie dust magic that it actually worked! That’s it. The “proper” broadcast engineers were actually called in to sort it out… (a note, I’m not saying that I’m not a “proper” engineer but for broadcast there are a handful of engineers that understand the tech parameters of a broadcast antenna, that’s not quite my area!), but anyways, enough about that, when that drama was finally over, the stations members very kindly voted me into office there as their IT Manager, it was a lovely and most unexpected gesture, I couldn’t turn it down, so many people had made it clear to me that it was me they wanted to help them, it was honestly the best feeling in the world, I can’t thank them enough, they are the best group of people I have ever met, they hardly even knew me and voted for me based on 1 job I did for them, it bought a tear to my eye, honestly.
Since then, I’ve been running the entire FM station myself (the tech side only of course!) and I’ve learnt so much and got some great opportunities to work with some amazing people! Moving into 2018, I have been assigned a team to help me maintain the radio station, I’m blessed.

It brings me to the here and now.

During 2016, I stopped working in hospitality and went for a complete job change. Meanwhile, in 2018 I left ICR FM too.

In 2016, I started working for HBD Europe and I’m still here today, this is an amazing company and for those who haven’t heard of them, they are responsible for “SBC”, best known on QVC Television. I’m a web developer here for all their brands, my place of work is situated on the same site that SBC products are actually made, I’ve never seen anything like this before! I can’t say what and how things happen, but I can say that it is truly amazing! – You can see my work at sbcgels.com, why not read up on a skincare product or two whilst you’re there?

In 2018, I have joined the team at Felixstowe Radio! I was asked if I could help following my ICR FM success so I accepted! My my, it’s quite a challenge! The idea still overwhelms me that in the palm of my hands rests a broadcast for an entire town, one wrong button and it could be all over, it’s an exciting, thrilling and nerve-racking experience! But I wouldn’t change it for anything!
As with most community stations I’ve found, there was an incident here too, again, nothing to do with me, just another case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but for the record, I want you to consider this, what motive would I have to intervene with a live broadcast setup? On this occasion, I turned out a suspect for reporting an issue to the relevant people! I’m not here to complain! I just want the truth out, there it is… it’s out! And before you ask, no, I don’t know who broke it and no, it wansn’t me who fixed it either!

That little incident aside, The actual tech team at Felixstowe are brilliant and hard working, they never give up, even when the tech does…

I’m very lucky, because in the present day, I have a wonderful full-time job as a web developer at HBD Europe and my own weekday radio breakfast show, every morning from 7am! Back in 2011, neither of those things would be possible. I’m still taking it all in that this is what I do, I’ve already received messages on air telling me I’ve made a difference in the community, not every broadcast is all happy and positive, sometimes, some really difficult stuff happens and people turn to the radio for that element of comfort, support and to bring the community together. I’ve been so lucky to be working alongside former BBC Radio Suffolk host, Rob Dunger, that man is so talented I would be lost without him, he is a great mentor.

But to get here wasn’t all that easy. Even those who would educate me had doubts, some even said I wouldn’t be successful, that I wouldn’t make it.
Being young had it’s disadvantages too with people simply not having faith in you, the stereotype that I would continue to fall under, the people who would label me as a ‘liar’, simply because I spoke confidently about what I can do (and combined with my age, nobody believed it), there’s no way a 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 year old can be a computer genius, right? Can anyone that age hold down a job? Be professional? Really understand what customer service is? What businesses want?
I went to lengths to prove these theories wrong, I went to lengths to make sure that I would be known for what I can do, known for my caring and patient nature. Not for what a piece of paper dictates I can and cannot do, not what silly actions of others my age may stereotype, I am me, watch.

This has been a tough road, people shutting you out because you’re young, the assumptions of this person “can’t” and is “only interested in causing trouble” well, that isn’t me. Period. As my time as a mentor, I discovered a frightening truth, I wasn’t alone, what was worse is other mentors around me (some of which are my age!!) and know what this is like just don’t care, they continue to talk down and treat others like they are incapable, they tip-toe around things, personally, I think some of these people thought that a new younger worker was a ‘threat’.
I had been treated that way before and the manipulative ways used to control ones ability to learn, just in case they “learn to much” or even putting someone down because, hey, being a young worker means that no matter your ability you’re only good enough to be a tea maker, right?
Worst thing I came across one day is this, it sickens me this discrimination still goes on, but it does; according to this guy at BT, someone with learning difficulties, autism, ADHD or likewise is “retarded”… is it now? I heard that one at BT in a job interview, I’ve heard it in other places too, other workers that I’ve supported have been talked about behind closed doors in this way, in my case, the guy at BT said it to my face, mate, you don’t know me, I mean, sure, I hide it well, but having learning difficulties, autism, ADHD or likewise doesn’t mean that someone CAN’T do a job, it just means you’re a t*** for labeling it like that. Heck, I hide my condition, I don’t tell anyone about it any more either because I don’t want to be torn down like I was at BT, I do the work I do because I’m passionate and hard working, I love what I do, I don’t want anyone to stop seeing that just because they think of someone as “disabled” (yes, labelled with that too), I’ve worked harder to get ‘around’ this and I shouldn’t have to. Personally, I give anyone a shot, I don’t care who you are, how experienced you are or weather you have a condition or a need, I want to give everyone the opportunities that I did get as well as the opportunities I didn’t.
So a few of you may want to know why I bought up that subject and why I have admitted to it here but clearly said I don’t tell people about it, why the confusing information? Well, simply put, this is my website. It’s about me, I can tear this info down anytime, I haven’t posted it anywhere else. Besides, I’ve recently relised something, I have worked in some judgemental places which shouldn’t have been, I’m now working with professionals, people I can talk about these issues with, there is no more bullying in my life anymore, there is no judging or tactics, no more games, I’m over all that childish stuff, I’ve got this new found confidence in myself found through the radio and I couldn’t be happier. Whilst I have the rare ability to be on the radio, I have a voice, if I have something important to say I can do it, people hear me, I know of many cases where people with conditions similar to mine can’t physically speak to people outside of their own family it’s so severe, well, I’m in a position to give those without their voice, I can bring the subject up and I have the first hand experience to help and support others. I believe if you have the knowledge to take action then you have the responsibility to take action, don’t sit back and let other people make things happen, go and make things happen, I’m all about spreading a positive vibe now I’ve come this far, especially since I’ve come this far in such little time.

So there you have it! I poured my heart out to give you an insight into me, what I do, what I’ve done, what I know and who I know! I am aware there are people reading this who know me but haven’t seen me or heard from me in years, I hope this has been insightful and I hope that my messages and views are shared for the greater good. The world is a horrible place, it doesn’t treat you well, but what does is the like-minded people that do extraordinary things, people who run community radio stations, community venues, churches, charities, emergency services and more. I wish I could help everyone in this world, but I am just one guy… Just because I can’t doesn’t mean I ain’t gonna try!

I owe my radio career to date to the following people in the following order:
– Paul Morris
– Nick Kabay
– TC Brown
– Dan Page
– Andy Trigg
– Nick Pandolfi
– Kevin Ford
and not forgetting…. – “Murph” 🙂

Check this website out as well as my Twitter @danmooreradio to hear what I have been up to!

So that’s my story! Brace yourself, it’s going to be an adventure!

Thanks for reading 🙂