First of all, hello! This is my first blog post in a while… I wasn’t really up to much in the summer so nothing too worth shouting about…. until now!

I need to send a massive thanks out to Anglian Radio (you may know the Ipswich brand better though as Town 102!) for letting me be apart of their team in what I declare as a new beginning!
Along the way, an amazing team of talented journalists and presenters alike let me live their lives in what I can only describe as the experience of my dreams! I had an absolute blast!

So, I need to thank

  • Andy Trigg
  • Nick Pandolfi
  • Kevin Ford
  • Paul Morris
  • Big Murph!

Just call me, Mini-Murph!!
Thought you heard me on Town 102? Well….. (don’t tell anyone I channel hopped!)

Audio is Copyrighted. Nick Pandolfi broadcaster.

Post Author: Daniel Moore